August 13, 2016

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Virtue Cycles Pedalist Review

An upright tadpole style velomobile with electric assist from E-Rad, powerful 750 watt motor paired with a 48 volt battery offering five levels of pedal assist and throttle on demand with override!

Virtue Cycles produces a range of affordable bicycles with two electrified variants called the Gondoliere Plus and Schoolbus Plus. The Pedalist by contrast, only comes with electric power because it’s significantly larger and heavier than the two cargo bikes. This thing weighs in at ~175 lbs without the battery (which adds another 10 lbs or so depending on size). It’s a partially-enclosed velomobile that will keep you shaded and cool in summer months and relatively dry and wind-free in winter months. I say partially enclosed because the side windows are open-air on the stock unit. Apparently Virtue Bike can add flexible fold-up roll-up windows for those who’d like additional protection but otherwise these openings improve the flow of sound.
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    July 04, 2016

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    Virtue Cycles Schoolbus+ Review

    A three-wheeled electric assist box bike designed to transport up to four children, includes a locking bench seat cargo cubby, full fenders and chain guard, optional canvas cover to keep the kids dry

    The human powered Virtue Cycles Schoolbus was one of the first models created by founder William Mulyadi. It was designed to be stable for loading his kids, positioning them out front where he could keep an eye on them and have conversations during rides vs. behind in a trailer or rack mounted seat like the popular Yepp Maxi. He didn’t enjoy looking back frequently, straining his neck and compromising his steering position, and felt that their chats were interrupted… Unlike many of the other single-rider upright electric trikes I’ve reviewed, the Schoolbus wheel pattern follows a tadpole layout much like a recumbent trike. With two wheels up front and one in the back, the wooden cargo box (which can accommodate up to four small children) can be larger than that used for the Gondoliere+ but maneuverability and speed are sacrificed in the process. Basically, you haul more with the Schoolbus+ and it’s stable but handling takes more effort and speed is sacrificed… it’s also just a lot heavier than that model at over 140 lbs. Read More

    May 31, 2016

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    Virtue Cycles Gondoliere+ Review


    A bucket style cargo bike with electric assist to help move supplies or children, includes two seatbelts and a little bench. Extra wide custom kickstand provides great stability for loading

    The Gondoliere+ is one of the sportier electric-assist cargo bikes from Virtue Cycles, a company that offers unique family friendly products at surprisingly low price points. The excitement around the more affordable price faded for me a bit when I got close up and realize that the battery, motor, shifter, brakes and other accessories were more generic or low-end. The ride quality is still good and the aesthetic is very impressive with the solid wood box, brown faux-leather grips and saddle and silver accents throughout. The Atlantis Green frame color was a great choice, I’d feel proud riding it around as a guy vs. a pastel peach or yellow that I’ve seen on some of the small cruisers geared more towards women from brands like Pedego and Electra. Read More

    March 28, 2016

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    San Diego Business Journal: Wheeling More Power


     TRANSPORTATION: San Diego Emerges as Hotbed of Electric Bike Industry



    Electric bikes are far from ubiquitous on California streets but are quickly growing in popularity as American consumers catch up to the far more ebike friendly Europe and Asia. And San Diego is a hotbed of ebike makers, with both American headquarters of major European manufacturers and budding local companies.

    The six-city Electric Bike Expo stopped in San Diego last month, where more than a dozen brands showed off their latest models, some with high-tech features including the ability to lock the bike from a smartphone app. Read More

    October 29, 2015

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    Translogic 187: Virtue Pedalist

    The Virtue Pedalist aims to combine the best of the bike and trike world to create the ultimate green commuter. With the e-assist of an electric bike, the stability of a tricycle, the storage of a cargo bike, and the aerodynamic enclosure of a velomobile, the Virtue Pedalist offers a little bit of everything.

    "I [combined] all these – a cargo bike, electric bike, tricycle, velomobile – into one and, voila, we've got the Pedalist," said Virtue Cycles founder William Mulyadi.

    The Pedalist doesn't just blend different bike styles. It borrows different bike components as well.

    "We just take the best from each category," said Mulyadi. "For example, the wheels need to be strong, sturdy [so] we take [those] from BMX. For gearing, we used the best from Citi Bikes from Europe."

    June 25, 2015

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    The Pedalist ...The Tesla Of Electric Bicycles +VIDEO

    A design that blends the best elements from an Electric Bicycle, Cargo Bike, Tadpole Tricycle, and Velomobile.

    SAN DIEGO - April 30, 2015: The bike-commuting movement continues to gain traction as more people are focused on improving their health, while making an effort to reduce pollutants and relieve road congestion. A bike is a great tool - but in some cases, it’s simply not enough. Read More

    June 22, 2015

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    Ditch Your Car For ‘Velomobile’

    Three wheels, an enclosed shell, and space for cargo (and even a small kid!) — if you live in a city, this car/bike hybrid could be your vehicle of the future.

    Called the Virtue Pedalist, this to-be-released enclosed tricycle can be outfitted with electric power. You can pedal it, too, or use an electric-assist option.
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